• COST Action CA15104 „Inclusive Radio Communication Networks for 5G and beyond“ (IRACON)
  • DVB-T and LTE coexistence in 800 MHz band

    In-lab measurements of LTE interference into DVB‑T system on several widely used set-top boxes were taken. The goal of this project was to evaluate protection ratios and overloading thresholds that define interference of LTE base station signals into DVB‑T set-top boxes. We have also evaluated the impact of using TV amplifiers and LTE filters at the set-top boxes. The results can be used to model the quality of DVB‑T signal in a certain area, determine the approach to combat interference from LTE and establish spectrum regulation rules. Measurements include TV channels 51 to 60, 5 MHz and 10 MHz bandwidth LTE signals and various modulation schemes.

  • Electromagnetic radiation effects on human tissue
  • LTE coexistence with Radar and DECT in 1800 MHz band